Each of my Programs (excluding 1 Week Travel Companion) includes my Nutrition 101 Guide, which is a general guide to help steer you in the right direction. This offering is for those who just want to purchase the Nutrition Guide separately. Since everyone is different, this is meant to teach and show you how to put nutrition/food together in terms of macros and help you break it down on what works best for you throughout your health and wellness journey...While enjoying the foods you love! Since it takes trial and error, while strength training, depending on your goals.

*Please note: It does not include recipes or meal plans,, more of a guide to show how to put the pieces together. It does include an example daily meal breakdown to help with your planning along with examples of types of proteins, carbs, and fats and their serving sizes.

Nutrition 101 Guide

  My Nutrition Guide for Success!
Available in days
days after you enroll


What is included in your Nutrition 101 Guide guide?

My guide provides detailed information about:

  • Macros and calories
  • How to calculate depending on goals
  • Putting the pieces together
  • Showing a sample Daily Meal Plan breakdown that you can use to help plan our your meals

Since everyone will be different, there is not one perfect plan (I wish it was this way!), but my guide will teach and steer you in the right direction on making sure you get the nutrients you need, and gain/sustain lean muscle mass throughout your fitness journey. Always listen to your body, nutrition takes trial and error to see what works best for you and consistency is key!

(*Not eligible for a refund)

Client Testimonials

"The 8 week program is really excellent! Easy to follow, straight forward description of each workout, time-efficient, and well rounded. Nice to not 'watch a video'...you can use whatever music or stream a show during the workout. Highly recommend it."

February 2023 - Carrie C.

“Do it! I'm on week 6 & it is 100% transforming my body.”

February 2023 - Stephanie J.

"I'm soooo happy I joined 8 and 6 week strength training. It's kept me motivated and on track ☺️💪"

February 2023 - Jacqueline C.

“I can't say enough good things about this program! Having a couple permanent injuries to my foot and shoulder, I always start new programs super light weight or bodyweight and this challenged me even after years of lifting heavy. I enjoyed it so much I am starting from the beginning and going a bit heavier, I don't want it to end LOL! I have always hated working out at home, I needed to be in the GYM to feel accomplished, this program helped change my view on that and opened me up to a new world of happy! I absolutely plan to go for 8 Week Tone Program in the near future. Thanks Dominique!” 

August 2022 - Sarah D.

"I have never felt stronger, sexier and mentally healthier." 

April 2022 - Carling S.