Day 1 | Lower Body

Day 1 | Week 1 | Lower Body

  • Dive into each instructional video clip for detailed form guidance. Feel free to pause anytime you need a moment.
  • Keep the PDF handy for a quick reference during your session.
  • Unsure about the right weight? Start light and adjust upwards as you find your match. Exercises should feel challenging while maintaining proper form. You should be reaching your "failure" point towards the last couple of reps during each set.
  • Capture before-and-after shots to witness your transformation. It's motivating!
  • After sweating it out, share your experience with me. I'm all ears!

Decoding the Workout: When you see "4x10" - it denotes 4 sets of 10 reps for that exercise. After wrapping up one set, rest and regroup before conquering the next. Always prioritize form and fluidity in movements.

Day 1_Weeks 1 & 2_Lower Body.pdf

Superset (perform each exercise below without/minimal rest). Followed by ~60 second rest in-between each superset:

  • Sumo Squat: 4x12
  • Curtsy Lunge: 4x12

Glute Bias Split Squat: 4x20

RDL (Romanian Deadlift): 4x12

Hip Thrust: 4x12

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